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An outdoor metal staircase: how to make the right choice?

An outdoor metal staircase is not chosen lightly! It is therefore important to take the time to reflect to study in detail the configuration of your land, the different shapes, colors and existing materials. Indispensable criteria for having an exterior installed in one's own image that fits in with both the exterior environment and the style of your home.
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Sewing: learning to put a bias

A bias is a strip cut in the oblique of a [news: 739845 fabric]. It is used to make pretty decorative borders on clothes and accessories. Follow the directions below to learn how to bias. 1. Position the edge of the [news: 739845 fabric] halfway up the bias on which you want to apply a bias.
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Twido, the new generation decorative water heater

The Twido water heater was one of the finalists for the EDF Pulse innovation award. And it's not for nothing! Indeed, his project is ambitious: he intends to deliver hot water only when the consumer wants it. The plus: it also benefits from a hyper-worked design, for a very successful decorative effect.
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Metal staircase: how to clean and maintain it?

Whether your metal staircase is located inside or outside your home, it requires regular maintenance to prevent it from becoming covered with stains or rust over time. To help you in this task, the editorial team invites you to discover its advice and tips for cleaning and maintaining your metal staircase in the state of the art.
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4 grandmother's tips for cleaning your windows

Cleaning your windows turns out to be a real chore that is often pushed back until the last moment. Once launched, you can get discouraged faster because of the many traces that remain after the passage of the cloth. To give you a little courage and above all to offer you an impeccable result, the editorial staff offers you 4 effective and easy-to-carry grandmother tips!
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