Creative tutorial: make your graphic tote bag with Call me spring

Creative tutorial: make your graphic tote bag with Call me spring

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After teaching us how to make a very nice fabric basket and a very practical storage envelope, here comes Camille, the creator of Call me spring. Today, the talented Camille will teach us how to make a fabric tote bag that will be perfect for going to sport! And since it is very thin, we can easily fold it in our bag to be ready no matter what. duration : about 1 hour Cost : around € 5 (not including the sewing machine)


You will need: - a sewing machine - an iron - One meter - Pins - A needle and thread - Scissors - A nice fabric


1. Cut your fabric into 2 rectangles - for the body of the bag - and 2 more elongated rectangles - for the handles - according to the measurements below.
2. Take the rectangles that correspond to the handles. Fold them in half lengthwise and iron them.
3. At straight point and 3 mm from the edge, sew the edges of the handles on both sides. Then turn the book over.

4. Take the rectangles that correspond to the body of the bag, iron right sides together. Pin the edges - only 3 out of 4 to leave the opening of the bag free.

5. Sew in a zigzag stitch. 6. Form a 1 cm setback, twice on top of each other. Iron.
7. Place the straps 8 cm from the edge. Pin them.

8. Sew the reverse side in a straight stitch.
9. Consolidate the strips using a straight stitch and forming a square.

And here you are with a superb tote bag!
Thanks to Camille from Call me spring for her creation! You can find it on his shop: www.callmespring.fr Did you like this tutorial? Send us photos of your pretty tote bags on our Facebook page, and find other ideas on our Pinterest!


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