Our best ideas for fitting out a small bedroom in length

Our best ideas for fitting out a small bedroom in length

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It's an idea that has been running through your head for several months already, but not knowing where to start, you haven't stopped pushing it away ... But now, today, it's decided: you are going to revamp your bedroom ! Paradoxically, small spaces are often the ones that require the most work. So to make it easier, we cut the site into four stages: vision, function, design and decoration.

  • 1. Think "space saving"!
  • 2. Delimit several small spaces each responding to a different function
  • 3. Choose clever storage furniture
  • 4. Don't hesitate to get inspired by decor trends

Think "space saving"!

Often, in small spaces, everything revolves around the problem of storage. The axis that will guide your entire project will therefore be that of saving space and optimizing space. But before catching your saw and brushes, an essential preliminary step is essential: sort it out! Do you know how many storage spaces you really need? Take the time to imagine your future bedroom, the bedroom of your dreams ... Of course, you don't see any pile of shoe boxes above the wardrobe or any heap of unidentified objects hidden under the bed. So start by emptying all your cupboards and placing all the possessions in your room in front of you. Divide them into three piles: * Which is in good enough condition to be sold or given away; * What needs to be recycled; * What is useful to you and / or brings you joy. Among this last category, distinguish what has its place in your room from what does not. Raclette machines and pairs of skis will therefore move into the garage or attic. Finally, any item of clothing or accessory that you have not worn in the past year belongs to the first category and, the absolute rule: never keep anything "just in case". You can do the same with your decorative accessories, your linens and your furniture. Objects, clothing and furniture in good condition can be sold via sales sites between individuals. There is thus a good chance that the profits from your sales will allow you to constitute a small pot entirely dedicated to the makeover of your room! Take advantage of the space thus freed up for a major spring cleaning! Ventilate your room, wash the walls if you plan to repaint them, repair what needs to be repaired… In short: start on a good foundation!
© Leroy Merlin / Pinterest

Delimit several small spaces each responding to a different function

This is the key to a successful renovation for a small, long bedroom. To avoid the string of furniture worthy of a supermarket shelf, define at least two separate spaces, even three or four depending on the length of your room and your desires. You can thus create: * A sleeping area: with your bed and one or two bedside tables; * A dressing area: with at least a wardrobe, but perhaps also a chest of drawers or a dressing table with mirror on the wall facing the wardrobe; * An office area: if possible, install it so that it is not visible from your bed; * A wellness corner: it can be a small space entirely dedicated to your passion or a place where you will have memories and objects that make you happy and where you will enjoy finding yourself and yourself recharge. During the design phase of your project, plan for sufficient volume for each space. Furniture should not be glued to each other and traffic should remain fluid. It is also possible and even advisable to delimit each space using a separating element, for example a Japanese partition, a small canopy or even a simple storage unit. Do not hesitate to break the linearity of your room, for example by placing your bed lengthwise in your room, rather than positioning it against the same wall as all the other furniture in your room. If possible, do not corner your bed at an angle, but leave a circulation corridor of at least 60 cm all around its edge. Finally, do not place it under a window.
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Opt for clever storage furniture

Now that you've sorted through all of your belongings, you can accurately estimate the amount of items you'll need to store in your future bedroom, and therefore the type and amount / size of furniture you'll need. Again, do not follow the "just in case" trend by choosing larger pieces of furniture than necessary. By equipping yourself with suitable furniture, you will not be tempted to refill them with objects or clothes that you will not use. In addition, the smaller the furniture in your room, the more spacious it will appear. If you have the opportunity, choose custom furniture, especially for the dividers, which should not be too deep. Custom furniture is also particularly suitable for creating a dressing space. Very clever systems can thus allow you to achieve real space savings. Your headboard can also be a separating element and a storage unit! This solution allows an excellent optimization of space while representing an original way to arrange a room lengthwise. It is thus possible to use it as a separating element between your sleeping area and your dressing room. In this case, do not hesitate to raise it to the ceiling. Another tip for rooms with an office corner: create a partition using a large bookcase and lean against your desk. The objects placed on the shelves will thus be accessible from both sides while the structure of the library will let in light. Finally, the position of the desk, perpendicular to the long wall, will break the linearity of your room.
© Planète Déco / Room Deco for Teens

Do not hesitate to take inspiration from decorative trends

There is no shortage of decorating ideas for long bedrooms! It would therefore be a shame not to be inspired by it. If the trend has long been towards glass roofs, wooden claustra partitions are now coming back to the fore. Their advantage? They adapt perfectly to all types of decor. You can even find them with small integrated shelves. Color is making a comeback in our interiors, and what happiness! Take hold of this trend to rebalance the volumes of your room. To do this, paint one of the small walls a darker color than the others. Your room will seem shorter. Choose a beautiful sage green or a pretty gray blue, two deep but tender colors, to bring a little character to your room. Finally, also think about the light, especially if you partition your bedroom. Each space must benefit from lighting adapted to its use. An office will for example need a table lamp, a dressing area will be fitted with recessed LED spotlights while a sleeping area will have to be fitted with bedside lighting. Small, long bedrooms can easily do without a ceiling light.
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