Repair a minor crack in the house

Repair a minor crack in the house

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Whether you live in a house or an apartment, you may be faced with an interior crack. It is not necessarily serious, but because it is really unsightly, it is advisable to repair it. A microcrack does not require the intervention of a professional, you just need the right tools and materials. How to repair a crack without gravity? Here are our tips!

Determining the severity of a crack

Warning ! Before repairing a crack, you must determine its severity. A microcrack, a minor gravity crack, is less than 3 mm wide. If you face a larger crack, it is highly recommended to call a professional who will determine the causes and suggest a suitable solution. It is essential to repair the cracks because over time and, in the event of exterior cracks, with the weather, the quality of the wall may deteriorate.

Technique for repairing a minor crack

Most often, we repair cracks before repainting a room or before covering it. Indeed, before embarking on these decoration works, the interior walls must be smooth. To repair a minor crack, you must: - Clean the wall. - Open the crack with the triangular scraper, in order to facilitate filling and above all to make deeper and therefore more durable repairs. - Reseal the crack with a coating. - Wait until the crack dries. - Sand the repair area to eliminate any roughness and obtain a smooth surface. To repair a larger surface crack, the technique is slightly different. Indeed, instead of using a coating, it is necessary to favor the specific acrylic sealant. This product is simply applied using a cartridge gun. Then smooth the joint with the damp sponge and wait for the repair to dry.

A multitude of products to simplify your life

In large surfaces as in specialized stores, you will find a complete range of products intended to repair yourself a crack. They are practical and easy to use, even if you have no idea of ​​DIY. To repair micro cracks and surface cracks, you can opt for the crack band, the filling and smoothing coating, the liquid filler, the putty or even the special cracked wall paint. Like the products, there are many brands. Among the references, we can cite DIP, LUXENS, QUELYD or TOUPRET.


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