Before / After: Design a small male bathroom

Before / After: Design a small male bathroom

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Neutral colors, raw material, simple and clean lines, rational storage ... the architect Coralie Balléry took up the challenge of transforming a small impersonal and old-fashioned bathroom into a very cozy masculine space. Discover the image of this successful renovation! Budget : 9000 euros Area : 3 m²

A walk-in shower

Before: With its large bathtub and vanity unit, the bathroom does not meet the lifestyle of the owner of the place, a single person without young children. Not very functional, it deserves to be rearranged and brought up to date! Coralie Balléry is responsible for fitting out this small space and developing a decor that matches the personality and tastes of her client. After: A spinal column in the bathroom, the walk-in shower, characterized by its installation on one level, today offers an impression of space and freedom. Practical, comfortable but above all ultra-design, it blends perfectly with this 100% masculine decor.

The male decor version

Before: With its decrepit vanity unit and its pink tiled floor, this bathroom dreams of a modern touch. Not very functional and practical, the shelves and the apparent washing machine clutter up the already reduced space. After: To give the bathroom masculine looks, Coralie Balléry opted for a minimalist and refined decoration. Equipped with a warm light oak solid wood cabinet, a tiled vanity top and a built-in washbasin with contemporary finishes, the bathroom takes us today into a chic and elegant universe. Dressed in light gray tiles on the floor and on the wall, the bathroom has been transformed into a trendy and soothing space. This aesthetic choice made it possible to visually reinforce the feeling of space. If this small bathroom goes to the basics, it does not sacrifice anything for comfort and, without seeming to focus on taking care of the details. Functional, this one is thus equipped with a wall lamp with electrical outlet to facilitate the connection of the hair dryer or the razor. Finally, the old storage shelves gave way to a small narrow wall in the shower part. This allows the customer today to place all of their bath products at a comfortable height.
Coralie Balléry, Interior designer


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