Bathing a houseplant

Bathing a houseplant

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Caring for a houseplant is hydrating, cleaning and pampering it. A maintained green plant is more open and therefore more beautiful. There are a multitude of techniques for watering a plant, one of which is to bathe it. To make no mistake, we asked Sylvie, manager of a Gamm vert garden center, to explain to us how to properly bathe our indoor plants.

Why is bathing a plant beneficial?

Bathing an indoor plant is a very common gardening technique. It is also called soaking or drenching. This technique allows a plant to hydrate itself, at its speed. It is recommended to bathe indoor plants regularly. When you water a plant, it is the leaves, stems and trunk that absorb the water. When it is bathed, it is the roots that hydrate and nourish the plant from the inside.

Which plants to bathe?

Aside from cacti, all plants can benefit from soaking or drenching. This gardening technique is particularly recommended for fragile plants which do not appreciate conventional watering such as the orchid, carnivorous plants, saintpaulias and cyclamen. It is also a way to hydrate hanging plants.

How to bathe a plant?

Place your plant in the sink, sink or bowl and fill with water. Stop a few inches from the top of the pot. The earth must not be submerged. On the other hand, the roots, whether in the pot or coming out of it, must be in contact with water. Leave your plant until the soil on the surface is moist. Take advantage of this bath to dust the leaves, mist the fragile plants or shower those that need it.

How often should you bathe a houseplant?

Indoor plants should be bathed once or twice a month. If you are away, have them take a bath before you leave and when you arrive. After repotting or adding potting soil, it is also recommended to soak or drench.

Can we enrich the water to treat a plant or provide it with more nutrients?

I know that some gardeners enrich the water but personally I do not recommend it. Natural methods are always more beneficial. If your plants are not in good shape, repot them using a potting soil specially developed for indoor plants and bathe them so that they benefit from nutrients and minerals.


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