What to do with Meudon white?

What to do with Meudon white?

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Here we are, it's finally spring, the season for cleaning. It is therefore an opportunity to review our classics and enjoy the benefits of natural products. Among them, the white of Meudon. This white powder was massively used before the arrival of detergents. Today, Blanc de Meudon is making a comeback and seducing those who favor ecological products. How is the white of Meudon used? Here are some answers.

What is the white of Meudon?

Blanc de Meudon is a white powder that is mainly composed of calcium carbonate. It is a 100% natural product which takes its name from its provenance. Indeed, the white of Meudon comes from the chalk quarries exploited in the Paris basin. The powder has been used since the Renaissance for cleaning as well as for DIY. It is useful to differentiate the white of Meudon from the white of Spain. Although the two products have essentially the same functions, their composition is very different. Spanish white is a clay powder. Blanc de Meudon, like baking soda, white vinegar, lemon or black soap, is a household product that has a new life due to its ecological side.

Use of Meudon white in paint

Meudon white is used as a component in paint and more particularly in oil paint. White powder is also used in the composition of whitewashes, coatings and putty. It plays the role of filler and pigment. Blanc de Meudon, a component of gesso, is also used to cover linen fabrics before painting them.

Blanc de Meudon as a household cleaner

Blanc de Meudon has been used since the Renaissance for home maintenance. The white powder, mixed with water, makes it possible to clean and make shine many surfaces and materials including copper, silverware, tin, stainless steel, brass, steel, glass, earthenware, marble and even plastic.
Blanc de Meudon therefore gently cleans many decorative items and dishes. In the kitchen, Meudon white is ideal for cleaning ceramic hobs without scratching them. Finally, the white of Meudon can be used with white vinegar to overcome tasks of all kinds. It allows here to fix the vinegar on the area to be treated in order to give it time to act.

Blanc de Meudon in decoration

Blanc de Meudon can be used to cover windows, bay windows and, for professionals, display cases in order to achieve a pretty decoration. Due to its white color, it is very popular at Christmas but it is possible to use it all year round, especially in the context of manual workshops with children. The white of Meudon can be removed with a simple wipe. It does not damage the windows, on the contrary, it cleans them!