Mistakes to Avoid in the Garden

Mistakes to Avoid in the Garden

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We all have our little habits as a gardener. However, some of them are more harmful to the garden than beneficial. A quick overview of what is best to avoid.

On the balcony

- Never water a potted plant on the pretext that the surface of the earth is dry. Stir the culture medium for two or three centimeters, very often it is still moist at depth. - Multiplying the dosage of fertilizer by two or three is useless if not to take the risk of "burning" the roots of your plants. However, they will not grow any faster. - Prefer plastic tubs to earthen pots: if they are lighter, plastic containers accumulate heat around the roots and transform your pots into real "culture broth". Natural terracotta pottery allows better evaporation of moisture and greater heat regulation at the roots. - Water in full sun on the pretext that it is hot: the water will evaporate on contact with the ground without any real use for your plants.

In the garden

- Prune anything, anyhow, indiscriminately: not all plants are pruned at the same time or every year. Some are pruned in winter, others in spring such as buddleia or in summer, on young woods or those of the previous year. - Install clematis full south: clematis like to push the feet in the shade and the head in the sun. They hate being burned from head to toe. - Spray a systemic weedkiller on your gravelled paths: systemic weedkillers only act by the absorption of the product by the foliage. They will have no effect on the soil because they have no anti-germination power.

In the vegetable patch

- Install melons and zucchini side by side in the vegetable garden: you are likely to see your melons transform because they risk being pollinated by the foraging insects which will have already visited the zucchini flowers. - Avoid planting tomatoes where you have buried manure. By decomposing manure risks causing illness for several months after its burial, in particular the appearance of crown rot.


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