What colors combine orange?

What colors combine orange?

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Bright color and dated 70s, orange is not always easy to place in an interior. Too bad, because it can really bring a note of originality. To help you give it a little chance at home, here are some tips on the right colors to combine with orange to avoid the lack of taste!

Orange + gray

To give a contemporary spirit to a room with orange, it is with dark gray or even black that it must be combined. Orange on the wall and gray as accessories, or vice versa, it's up to you. In both cases, the result is very trendy and an original touch. In which room ? The living room

Orange + sand colors

If you want to vitaminate a room so that good humor reigns all week, go for the bright orange! But be careful not to put it everywhere at the risk of suffocation! Complete with wiser colors like sand tones and let the atmosphere operate. In which room ? The kitchen

Orange + orange

Dare to orange from A to Z in a room, it is possible, but provided you have fun only with the light colors. Peach, apricot, orange beige, bet on several shades for the different walls and watch as the light does its work. In which room ? The entrance

Orange + Pink

Orange, salmon, pink, here are three colors on which we would not necessarily have bet and which nevertheless combine perfectly. Daring sparingly in a white room, they illuminate the whole while bringing a nice touch of dynamism. Summer is there all year round! In which room ? Bedroom


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