I tested the Black & Decker paint roller: the Speedy Roller!

I tested the Black & Decker paint roller: the Speedy Roller!

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Painting is a task for everyone, which requires only a few minutes of practice to be fully assimilated. However, this work can be particularly tiring over the hours for the arms and back: between the comings and goings of the roller on the walls and those to reload the material with paint, there is something to be discouraged quickly. Aware of the arduousness generated by the handling of conventional rollers, the tool brands have taken these disadvantages into account and are now thinking about new products. To make everyday DIY easier for us, Black & Decker has imagined a telescopic roller fitted with a filling system allowing the distribution of paint on demand. The Speedy Roller is a smart tool that eliminates the back and forth between the paint bucket and the area to be painted, thus avoiding a tedious waste of time. Very malleable, its swivel head adapts to many situations: paint horizontally, vertically or on sloping sections of walls. My house is currently under construction, I jumped at the opportunity to test this new generation roller which rendered me many services!


To mount the different parts of the Speedy Roller, you have to understand how it works. We first screw the main end to the telescopic rod, before sliding the roller on the metal bar provided for this purpose. Remember to attach the orange cover to the end of the roller so that it remains in place throughout the work. Once this task has been completed, the installation of accessories is completed by the filling tube which clips onto the duct system for painting. It will then be used to vacuum the material from the jar.

Broadcast on demand

The principle of the Speedy Roller is simple: just insert the filling tube into the paint bucket, then pump the liquid material to fill the inside of the rod. Based on an air intake system, the rod sucks the paint when you pull on its inner "cap". Once the tube is full, the paint spreads evenly on the roller with a single press of the trigger! I found this method very clever, with a downside however on the capacity of the tube a little weak for my taste. The Speedy Roller must be recharged enough often enough, which can be a brake if the surface to be painted is large.

Very significant user comfort

The real plus of the Speedy Roller is on the side of the swivel head, particularly well designed, which offers real comfort when the roller comes and goes on the walls. A simple press on the button illustrated with a padlock (located on the tip) allows the roller to be moved at the desired angle. It is therefore quite possible to paint horizontally, vertically and even on sloping sections of walls without having to contort! The icing on the cake is that the telescopic rod is fitted with a small retractable kickstand so that the tool can stand upright against the wall when the job is done, without risking staining the floor or damaging the walls that have already been painted.

Black & decker's Speedy Roller: 34.99 euros