The Guide to Scandinavia in Paris by Katia Barillot and Axel Gylden

The Guide to Scandinavia in Paris by Katia Barillot and Axel Gylden

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Notice to fans of Scandinavian decor! This is a smart and comprehensive guide - the first of its kind! - which lists the best of Scandinavia in Paris, between Food, Design, Shopping, Kids, Fashion and Culture. In other words, journalists Katia Barillot and Axel Gyldèn walked the streets of the capital to deliver their good addresses and their good plans, and put us in the Scandinavian time without leaving Paris. It is a favorite of the editorial 'Deco!

What can you find in the guide to Scandinavia in Paris?

On the basis of essentials - restaurants, trendy stores, design galleries - Paris has its reserves of good addresses straight from Denmark, Sweden and Norway, the three countries that make up Scandinavia. And because the Scandinavian spirit is not limited to Ikea and H&M, the guide lists no less than 150 exciting addresses to help us discover the lifestyle from the cold. Not "protectionist", the two journalists Katia Barillot and Axel Gyldèn even opened their research to Finnish addresses. Divided into 6 chapters, Food, Design, Shopping, Kids, Fashion and Culture, the guide is designed to take us on a Nordic journey without leaving a finger, or almost. A practical guide therefore, illustrated with photographs by Pierre-Olivier Signe and punctuated by the illustrated pictograms of Iris de Moüy.

Scandinavian design in the spotlight in Paris

Characterized by the use of wood and by minimalism, the Scandinavian design does not stop at the Swedish giant, with no less than thirty Parisian boutiques dedicated to design identified by Katia and Axel. Design and upscale for galleries, but also very accessible with the Nordik Market boutique in the Marais, a concept store that instantly transports us to Northern Europe by offering a selection of relevant objects at moderate prices. The Colonel boutique in which Isabelle and Yann present their neo-Scandinavian creations (that of the current no vintage) that fascinate us or the best known BoConcept which is aimed at the "post-Ikea generation". On page 28 of the guide, we particularly like the memo of the 26 essential designers from the cold!

Children also have the right to Scandinavian design

We don't necessarily know, but the lego that crosses generations or the Tripp Trapp baby chair were invented in Scandinavia. There, children's voices are listened to and authentically taken into account, which explains why there are so many brands that develop a design and equipment best suited to young children. Flexa, for example, is a brand known for its solidity and quality of furniture. She offers cabins or slides to get out of her bed. Loulou Addict is THE store that loves moms, with its shatterproof melamine tableware or its waxed fabrics in real cotton coated with pop prints to avoid stains. And of course, lots of good addresses are presented in the book. Special mention to the three-wheeled bikes, the Nihola, compact and handy, ideal for traveling the city with the family.

The guide to Scandinavia in Paris

by Katia Barillot and Axel Gyldén The oak guides 16.90 euros

The authors in a few words

Axel Gyldèn is Franco-Swedish and journalist for the Express; he has family ties in Sweden, Denmark and Finland and is the author of three books. Katia Barillot is also a freelance journalist and columnist for fashion and trends, passionate about Scandinavia. Iris de Moüy is a graphic designer and illustrator, she works for the press. Finally Pierre-Olivier Signe is a photographer specializing in cinema, music and travel. It is his fourth guide to the Edition du Chêne.