Tutorial: make a nice fabric pouffe

Tutorial: make a nice fabric pouffe

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At the same time table, footstool, seat and nap companion, the pouffe is certainly the most versatile object of the living room. However, it is only fabric and padding, which makes it very easy to make yourself. Today we are going to learn how to make a fabric ottoman.


- fairly rigid fabric - a sewing machine - an iron - scissors - sewing pins - a needle - sewing thread - a large cotton wadding bag - the pattern (pattern in two pieces) Sewing values: 1 cm. Budget: around 20 € Duration: 3 hours


1. To start, make a placement. Cut the circle once, then cut the petal-shaped piece eight times. Cut to the fold respecting the straight line.
2. Assemble the petals in pairs, right sides together, then open the seams with an iron.
3. Assemble all the petals, right sides together, until the pouffe is closed. Open the seams with the iron as best as possible.
4. With a needle, consolidate the tip of the beanbag.
5. Take the previously cut circle and pass a gathered wire 0.8 cm from the edge (keep a good length of wire and do not make a breakpoint).
6. Fill up 1 cm from the edge, gathering around the circle.
7. Iron.
8. Fill the pouffe with cotton wool.
9. Place and pin the circle on the beanbag (do not hesitate to stretch the fabric).
10. With a needle, make a folding point all around.
11. Attach a button at the tip of the beanbag (where the petals meet).


Here you are, you have just made a small round beanbag that can be integrated into any room in the house! And if you have some fabric left, why not create a cushion cover to match your pouffe? Discover without further delay our tutorial to easily customize your cushions!

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