Tutorial: a suspension of woolen pompoms

Tutorial: a suspension of woolen pompoms

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Very aesthetic and easy to make, the tassels are part of the favorite crafts of children and have the chic to brighten up a room in a jiffy! Today we are going to learn how to make a pendant of woolen pompoms.


- a tree branch of about 100 cm - several balls of wool of different colors - fishing line - a piece of cardboard - a pair of scissors Budget: around 30 € Duration: 3 hours


1. To begin, cut circles in pairs from a piece of cardboard. Make several different sizes.
2. Overlap two pieces of cardboard and start wrapping a woolen thread around the two pieces. Our tip: cut pieces of woolen thread of around 100 cm to facilitate winding.
3. Continue to wind the woolen thread until you cover all of the circles.
4. With the scissors, carefully cut the woolen threads at the level of the slit between the two cardboard circles.
5. Cut a piece of wire about 20 cm and pass it between the two circles of cardboard by winding all the pieces of woolen thread. Tie a knot.
6. Remove the two cardboard circles and cut the pompom with scissors to have a well-rounded shape. Repeat the process to make other pompoms.
7. Cut pieces of fishing line of different sizes between 50 and 100 cm. Attach the tassels at regular intervals by varying the sizes and colors. Tie the pieces of yarn with the pompoms to the branch.


And here you are, you can now admire your pendant of colored pompoms that you will have previously suspended from the ceiling or hung on a wall. And for a lighter and summer version, replace the wool pompoms with paper pompoms!
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