Tutorial: a bottle cover with a wool sweater

Tutorial: a bottle cover with a wool sweater

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Rather than go in search of the bronze medals of the marketing fair, we have found a good technique to please for sure the next time you offer a bottle of wine. Today we will learn how to make a bottle cover with a wool sweater.


- a sewing machine - a pair of scissors - a wool sweater - a matching ball of wool - a piece of fabric - a hook - pins Budget: around 10 € Duration: 1 hour


1. Start by cutting a sleeve of the wool sweater to 31 cm.
2. Cut three rounds 9 cm in diameter from the piece of fabric. The number of fabric thicknesses varies according to its thickness.
3. Overlap the three pieces of fabric, then machine stitch all the way around the edge.
4. Place the piece of fabric at the base of the inverted cut sleeve, then hold it with pins.
5. Machine stitch 1 cm from the edge.
6. Make a 60 cm chain.
7. Turn the cover upside down, then cross the chain every 2 cm at the demarcation of the handle, using the hook. Place the bottle in the cover and tie a knot with the chain.


Not sure that this cover is the best companion to help the wine through the years, but it will be sure to please upon arrival!
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