Connect your Ikettle kettle in wifi

Connect your Ikettle kettle in wifi

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The big news in 2015 is connected objects. Today, the editorial office invites you to discover the Ikettle kettle, created by Smarter. the latter promises to boil water. But still ? The trick is that it launches the device remotely from an application on an Iphone or Android phone. Thanks to a wi-fi connection, this can be activated even before you get home! A first global model that risks being talked about!

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It will certainly always continue to fill your kettle with water by hand but for the rest everything is controllable via the phone and via wifi: from ignition to temperature management. This new generation kettle has several temperature levels for water (65 °, 80 °, 95 ° or 100 ° C) and chooses the temperature best suited to the type of liquid. You can heat up to 1.8 liters of water.
When the water is hot, the connected kettle sends an audible signal and a notification to the phone. It also proposes to keep the water warm with the "keep warm" function, which can be set in time periods of 5, 10 or 20 minutes. With the iKettle app, it is also possible to use the "wake up" mode and the "at home" mode, available to program an activation schedule. Obviously, it is still possible to use the iKettle manually by selecting the desired temperature on the base.
The IKettle kettle and its dock are made of stainless steel and its filter is lime-resistant and washable. Price: 129.95 euros
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