Whirlpool's connected kitchen 2.0

Whirlpool's connected kitchen 2.0

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Have you ever dreamed of having a smart kitchen that cooks for you ?! Whirlpool works in this direction and presents a concept of fully connected kitchen, the Interactive Kitchen 2.0. Imagined as a complete ecosystem, this new generation of kitchens aims to connect all devices together. Whirlpool offers a dive into the home appliances of tomorrow through new gadgets designed for the connected home. In the list of new smart devices, such as the first combined washing machine and dryer, today there are connected cooktops and credenzas at Whirlpool.

After Cooktop, discover Kitchen 2.0

Whirlpool introduced an interactive cooktop called Cooktop last year. This year, it's a whole called Interactive Kitchen 2.0 where all the terminals and kitchen equipment are synchronized to allow users to interact with their devices, their contacts and social networks from a single central console. It is enriched with a credenza called BlackSplash. It serves as a projection medium and becomes a giant touch pad, on which it is possible to connect to the Internet, follow cooking recipes while consulting information, "chatting" with contacts or answering emails.

Fully connected appliances

Now the Cooktop cooktop communicates with the splashback to transform this pair of appliances into the nerve center of the connected kitchen. "We design products in line with the lifestyles that we observe. Among the multitude of connected objects available today, few are those that offer real added value to consumers. The strength of the Whirlpool brand is to innovate to put technology at the service of users and to adapt it to their needs and not vice versa " says Brett Dibkey, vice president and general manager, Whirlpool Corporation Integrated Business Units. Whirlpool's Interactive Kitchen 2.0 also includes an oven, capable of initiating preheating at the right time and at the right temperature depending on the recipe prepared, as well as a refrigerator. The latter informs the user of the freshness of the food it contains and offers him recipes that can be prepared with the food he has.