Before / After: Converting a powder room into a large master bathroom

Before / After: Converting a powder room into a large master bathroom

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The layout of this large Haussmannian apartment was no longer suitable for the owners' daily lives: faded decoration, inconsistent distribution of living spaces and main bathroom too narrow for the whole family. The latter therefore called on the interior architecture agency Eva & A to rethink the different spaces and redecorate all the rooms. The bathroom, a simple bathroom, has been enlarged thanks to the merger of two rooms in one. Today it gives way to a large space of contemporary style, practical and well thought out. Area : 17m2 Budget : 15 000€

Merge spaces

Before : The bathroom, small and dated, was sorely lacking in surface area and suitable fittings. The agency Eva & A, under the baton of Angélique Nocentini, therefore made new plans and chose to knock down the partition between the bedroom and the bathroom. The goal ? Merge two rooms into one to create a new space that can accommodate two basins, a walk-in shower and a bathtub, all without obstructing circulation.

A bathroom revamped from floor to ceiling

After : The bathroom has a new look and becomes a bright and pleasant space to live in. Black and white bring the contemporary touch to the whole, nicely refreshed with a hint of royal blue on the wall. A matt black porcelain stoneware covering was chosen to cover and give relief to the basin, under which two large storage drawers were placed. The round bowls contrast harmoniously with the very designer dark tiles.
The bathroom now hosts a large walk-in shower, in the same refined style of the entire room. The XXL brushed stainless steel towel dryer is displayed on the wall in the continuity of the shower, next to which a large storage space has been created to hang the owners' towels and clothes. On the ground, a solid wood parquet floor was chosen to warm the bathroom while bringing it a noble and friendly touch. Every detail has been carefully thought out to make this large family bathroom an easy-to-live space. Eva & A agency : 01 42 33 67 54 //


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