Create a rose garden in your garden

Create a rose garden in your garden

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The rose gardens, true little marvels, consist only of roses that can accommodate one or more varieties of roses. Thanks to it, we can play with the size of the flowers, with the heights or with the colors. Creating a rose garden requires some knowledge, but anyone can get started. To help you, we sought the help of Julie who works at Vilmorin.

Can we install our rose garden everywhere in the garden?

Yes, a rose garden will easily find its place in your garden. Depending on the location chosen, the choice of roses and maintenance will be slightly different. If you have several options, I advise you to favor sheltered and partially sunny places. The flowers will be more numerous and more beautiful!

When to create a rose garden?

The roses are planted in the fall because in this season the soils are moist and allow the plants to integrate well into the garden. Most roses are perennials, so make sure the soil is rich. Before planting, prepare the soil with potting soil or organic matter that you will mix with the soil.

Are there different types of rose gardens?

Indeed, you can create a wild rose garden by planting your feet with roses in an irregular but reasoned manner, or create a so-called royal rose garden in which the plantations will be aligned and perfectly arranged. In both cases, you will need to ensure that you have access to each rose in order to provide it with the care it needs.

How to choose the roses that will make up the rose garden?

It depends on their location. Close to the walls or at the level of your pergola, favor climbing roses that will dress the structures. At the edge of the aisles, prefer bush roses and in the center of the beds, place your classic roses such as old roses, English roses or roses on a stem.

Are there mistakes to avoid when planting roses?

Not really. When you plant your roses, you must respect the seasonality, make sure that the soil has been enriched and provide them with enough space for them to flourish. In fact, not all roses will be the same size, so you must carefully study the spaces between your plants. If you want to put a pergola or a bench, you must plan their installation before planting.

Do you have any decoration tips to give us?

Yes, do not hesitate to create a rose garden that looks like you. If you like color, choose red, orange or yellow roses, and choose roses with beautiful flowers. Do you have a romantic spirit? Bet on white and pink roses. If you want to create XXL bouquets, plant the tallest roses in the center. Around these roses, place varieties of smaller sizes and so on. You can work on the shape of your rose garden when pruning roses. As a reminder, this is done in the fall. Our garden and gardening videos