IWWI or the beauty of handmade

IWWI or the beauty of handmade

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IWWI? New DIY kits that remind us of the beauty of handmade… With IWWI, everyone (re) starts macrame the time to make the first object offered: a pendant for plants. There are three of them, but they have 6 hands: Adeline, Emma and Yasmina are from Lyon and driven by the same irrepressible desire to bring macramé up to date with IWWI, a new concept of DIY kit with poetry. Nothing is left to chance: packaging - kraft and small wooden stick as a simple and effective clasp - in the colors of the threads offered - fjord, maple, thistle and lichen. Beauty of materials, beauty of gestures.
For their first edition, IWWI teaches us how to make our own plant suspension, very nicely called "The suspended time". And we are won over, so much so that we have to suppress our desires to hang all our flowerpots above our desks - how come the big banana tree can't be hung?

In the IWWI kit, there is a ball of 100% cotton rope, a ring in natural beech, a technical book to make a suspension. And it's very very beautiful. www.iwwi.fr


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