Home Time: the new house-style channel

Home Time: the new house-style channel

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A new chain for fans of decoration, interior design and original places? This is what Home time offers, a brand new channel from the 6play bouquet available on computers, smartphones and tablets. Feeling good at home, is it not the goal that we all pursue, that we spend our Saturday at Ikea, on Pinterest or on looking for inspiration and the furniture that is missing to give this little je-ne-sais-quoi missing from your home? This is also the aim of the new free channel offered by the 6play package: Home time . With three watchwords: transformations of interiors and exteriors to be discovered before and after, inspiration through surprising places, trends deciphered by experts.

"Décodeuse" with Sophie Ferjani

To feel good at home, it is the sparkling decorator and interior designer Sophie Ferjani who will be the first to help us in a new program: "Décodeuse". New AND interactive since Sophie Ferjani will decipher the trends and then deliver her inspirations on Pinterest . Alongside this program which promises to be promising, Hometime will host unpublished group programs - including the fascinating "C'est dans ma nature" in which Jérôme Bonaldi will go to meet environmentally friendly homes that make you dream.


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