How to choose your winter hot water bottle?

How to choose your winter hot water bottle?

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Temperatures are at their lowest and it becomes urgent to find a practical and decorative solution to warm up! We file to offer a hot water bottle that will accompany us both on the sofa and in our bed. Zoom on models that caught our eye and some advice to choose it well. Choosing your hot water bottle is above all a favorite! It must remind you of something cozy and very warm. Very popular during the cold months, they are now available in many forms and multiple materials. This winter, prefer the models covered with a very soft and very soft cover. We particularly appreciate the hot water bottles with a wool or faux fur cover for the cocooning spirit but also the hot water bottles in polar fabric for unrivaled softness. Another aspect to take into account when choosing your hot water bottle: the coating and the system. As for traditional hot water bottles, you will find ecological models that have a rubber or natural latex pocket. It will then be necessary to heat water and simply fill them. If you want to turn to more modern models, you will have the choice between gel hot water bottles or those filled with cherry stones. We then place them in the microwave to heat them up and slide them into our bed!
1. The hot water bottle 37.5 °, € 55.95 atPrice Minister / 2. The cherry stone cushion, € 7.95 at Natural baby / 3. The star hot water bottle, € 16.30 at Les Chiffonniers / 4. The Owl-shaped hot water bottle, € 32.90 at Douce Bouillotte / 5. Hot water bottle with down jacket, € 24 at Douce Bouillotte / 6. Polka faux fur hot water bottle, € 18.99 at Delamaison / 7. Desswerum Fatboy hot water bottle , € 49 at Made in design / 8. The pretty knot cocoon hot water bottle, € 60 at Chic Place


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