Before / After: Open up an apartment to make it brighter

Before / After: Open up an apartment to make it brighter

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It is in Neuilly sur Seine that the Ouest Home agency opened the doors of a beautiful apartment completely renovated by him. At the head of this architectural office, specialized in the enhancement of high-end interior spaces, Nicolas Lefièvre-Lecallo has successfully carried out complete renovations since 2007. The agency has the distinction of combining interior architecture and general business, with fifteen employees working in all trades: a turnkey solution that many individuals have already chosen. In this beautiful 150m2 located in the heart of the Saint James district in Neuilly, priority was given to light: several partitions were removed in order to facilitate circulation and optimize the articulation of the different spaces. reveals the different stages of a faultless process. Area : 150m2 Budget : 1500 € / m2

Distribute spaces harmoniously

Before : From the first sketches, the West Home agency's objective is to rethink the arrangement of the different rooms of the apartment in order to give a precise function to each one, while bringing harmony to the whole. Partitions are cut down to create a living room and a large living room in which the dining room will be installed. The kitchen, whose future location can be seen here, is the only partitioned living room in the apartment. After : Views of the living room, the different rooms are now airy and bright. Placed between the entrance and the dining room, the kitchen has been entirely glazed with pretty workshop partitions which let the light circulate. The metal beams, witnesses of the old layout, have been preserved and painted black for more relief. On the ground side, the old parquet, very damaged, has given way to a solid floor commonly called "Point de Hungary". A contemporary style was chosen to decorate the living room, whose iconic pieces - Pipistrello lamp, Togo armchair - merge admirably with the Haussmann style of the ambient decor.

Modernize the corridor and the entrance

Before : The entrance lacks relief and conviviality. No architectural detail is highlighted, and the old moldings have unfortunately been torn off: the whole is flat and dull. After : The somewhat sad entrance has been revitalized with a niche fitted above an old cast iron radiator. New moldings have been added to give cachet to this beautiful Haussmannian entrance. The corridor has been redesigned by the West Home agency, which has opted for large horizontal staggered shelves to dust off the a little too wise style of the apartment.

A new black & white kitchen

Before : The old kitchen did not really make you want to spend time there, as the decor was dull and arbitrary. The tiled floor was not in adequacy with the rest of the room, and the whole required a real blow of expenses. After : The narrow and not very functional kitchen has been replaced by a large modern and convivial room in which the family can now have breakfast. A dark bar decorated with immaculate stools has been placed in front of a beautiful workshop-style partition, which now lets the light filter in from each side of the room. As for the finishes, a stretch ceiling into which discrete light spots are inserted makes it possible to hide the water and gas pipes: the whole kitchen now benefits from beautiful harmony and suitable lighting!

A sober room lit by a few touches of orange

Before : The room in any style was lined with old-fashioned wallpaper that darkened the room. After : Simplicity is essential in the bedroom, where three long niches have been created as headboards. Recalling the staggered shelves of the entrance, they can accommodate all the treasures and memories of the family, in the spirit of a contemporary painting. A few orange touches bring out the sobriety of the whole room. West Home agency Our practical DIY videos


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