The floating island with the essential B kitchen utensils

The floating island with the essential B kitchen utensils

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The floating island is a classic of French cuisine. Often chosen when choosing dessert in the restaurant, it is however rarely up to our expectations. For those who want to finish once and for all with bland English creams and heavy snow eggs, we can not recommend them too much the floating island house. And if you think that this recipe is not within your reach, think again! With the appropriate kitchen utensils, this traditional dessert can be easily tamed.

Essential B kitchen utensils

Equipping yourself as a star chef with a tight budget could be the creed of this collection of kitchen utensils, the fruit of the collaboration between Boulanger and Marc Meurin. This chef, born in Lens, is now head of the gourmet restaurant at Château de Beaulieu as well as the restaurant of the Louvre museum in Lens. Boulanger, a famous French brand specializing in household appliances, has therefore decided to call on a neighboring professional since the brand is also from northern France. This new range includes a dozen small kitchen and pastry utensils such as a baking mat, two whips or a bowl of potholes. Among these, the brand offered to have us test the half-sphere molds and a thermospatula. The thermospatule looks like a simple silicone kitchen spatula and yet it does much more than help you to touch. Equipped with an electronic thermometer probe, it allows mixing while controlling the temperature of the preparation. With an amplitude ranging from 0 to 200 ° C, it is the ideal partner for baking chocolate, caramel and of course custard. By removing the thermometer from the spatula, you can also control the cooking of your meats by pricking them.

The ingredients of the floating island

- 4 eggs - 125 g sugar - 1 pinch of fine salt - 250 g whole milk - 50 g sugar - 1 vanilla pod

The floating island recipe

Separate the whites from the yolks and set aside the yolks. Beat the whites with a pinch of salt until the whites are stiff enough. Then pour the sugar in the rain while continuing to beat the eggs. Pour your preparation into the half-sphere molds using a tablespoon. Then simply place the molds in the microwave and start cooking for about 30 seconds. Once the snow eggs have cooled, turn them out and collect the hemispheres to make your balls. To make the custard, collect the egg yolks previously set aside and put them in a bowl. Add the 50 g of sugar and beat the whole with a whisk until you get a frothy and white mixture. Then split the vanilla pod in half to recover the seeds inside using a knife. Pour the seeds in a saucepan with the 250 g of milk and cool the whole. Then add the sugar and egg yolk mixture. Gently heat your pan while mixing with the thermospatule. Never stop mixing until your preparation reaches 82 ° C. If you do not have a thermospatule or a kitchen thermometer, you can also check the cooking of your custard with the back of a wooden spoon. When the temperature is reached, remove the pan from the heat and let cool. To serve your floating island, first pour the custard into a deep dish. Then arrange the egg spheres in the snow on the custard. For gourmets, you can also add caramel and toasted flaked almonds. Original recipe by Marc Meurin
Mission successful! The kitchen utensils have perfectly fulfilled their role and we can even admit a crush on the thermospatule which is as practical as inexpensive. Thermospatule, Essentiel B Marc Meurin, € 19.99 Half-sphere molds, Essentiel B Marc Meurin, € 17.99


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