Shelters for small garden animals

Shelters for small garden animals

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Small garden animals are the gardener's best friends. Whether they are birds, insects, rodents, birds and many others, they deserve special attention. It is to find out which shelters are the most suitable for small animals in the garden that we met Charly from Jardiland. This nature enthusiast was inexhaustible on the usefulness of this exceptional fauna.

Small garden animals are popular with gardeners. What is the reason ?

Besides the fact that they are quite cute, let's face it, small garden animals play a fundamental role in the balance of ecosystems. It is not trivial if we call them auxiliaries. Some of them are precious pollinators like bees, butterflies. Others perfectly fulfill their task of recyclers since they feed on dead animals, pests, plant debris. They help the earth to fertilize itself when others aerate it thanks to their galleries.

It makes you really want to invite small animals into our gardens. But how to do it ?

It is simply crucial to recreate a biotope for small garden animals. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful ecological ideas that one can have. It is a perfectly balanced space, arranged according to the needs of each animal species. In recent years, we have noticed more and more spaces in parks, near ponds. It can be a set of stumps punctuated by small cavities, stems of reeds assembled, hollow bricks but also hedges: each element representing a shelter for a given animal species. Weeds or wild herbs should not be eliminated entirely as they are essential for useful small animals. They are essential for the ladybug, crown tiara, bumblebee, earwig and other woodlouse that are part of the large family of insects useful for the good health of the garden ... and for ours. The same is true of the earthworm. Let us therefore invite them to take up residence in our parks and gardens.

And what are the shelters to provide for garden friendly species other than insects?

The best idea is to make small wooden huts for the hedgehog to settle his family in during the summer. He will be able to be grateful by eradicating a good part of the field mice, slugs and snails. To limit the number of moths and mosquitoes, for example, there is nothing more ecological than installing a house to accommodate bats. This shelter must be placed in a tree, at a sufficient height, that is to say at least 3 meters from the ground. And if you have a natural aquatic space, it will be the ideal place to install a shelter for frogs devouring mosquitoes and insect pests. There are also many possibilities to hide in some places in the garden nesting boxes for birds, greedy for insects. Creating shelters for small garden animals can quickly become a passion to share with the family. Young and old can thus act happily to allow nature to find this wonderful balance which, alas, is today very disturbed.


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