Snow removal at home: our advice

Snow removal at home: our advice

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Temperatures drop and snow begins to seriously accumulate near your home. Do you want to remove it safely and conveniently? Do not worry, the writing of you book 4 methods to remove snow.

The timeless solution: the snow shovel

For the bravest, the shovel remains the most productive way to remove snow around your home. The trick? Go with others and get a sturdy shovel to maximize the efficiency and speed of the operation. Be careful however to scrape off all the snow, at the risk of turning the remains into ice. Count from 15 euros for a snow shovel.

The "controversial" solution: snow removal salt

A solution more and more pointed out by the ecological ones. In fact, salt attacks plants and can "poison" the soil. In addition, the snow removal salt must be spread several times a day in more or less quantity. Count around 13 euros for the 25 kilo bag.

The green solution: use ashes

Are you lucky to have a fireplace? Consider spreading the ashes over the snowfall. In addition to being ecological, this solution is fast and efficient since it works with the sun (its heat will be absorbed by the ashes). So be sure to use this solution when temperatures are milder.

The original solution: wood chips

Numerous studies tend to prove that the wood chips would promote the melting of snow in addition to having a non-slip effect. The Stop Gliss Bio® brand is made up of hardwood chips impregnated with road fondants. An innovative process that secures the space and increases grip on icy ground or on packed snow.


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