Before / After: a charming apartment in Levallois-Perret

Before / After: a charming apartment in Levallois-Perret

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At the birth of their child, happy owners took advantage of the sale of the apartment adjoining theirs to expand and thus create a large family cocoon. Given the scale of the work, they called on decorator Laurence Garrisson who redesigned the distribution of spaces for a very functional result. We let you discover… Area : 55m2 Budget : around 30,000 euros

Clean cuisine

Before : With its pink and brown tiles and rustic furniture, the kitchen seems to have been forgotten in the 70s. Not very practical with its reduced storage space, the latter needs a good dose of functionality! After : The old kitchen has given way to a large custom-made dressing room. As for the new space dedicated to the preparation of meals, he went to stay in a small corner of the living room. The new kitchen is much more functional thanks to a nice storage battery and a larger worktop. We especially fall for the splashback in cement tiles which is perfect alongside very modern white lacquered furniture.

A cocoon lounge

Before : In addition to its very pretty parquet and its moldings, the living room displays a completely old yellow paper which is just waiting to be torn off. After : The entire walls have been repainted in white, which gives the living room a beautiful light. The dining area has been installed at the back of the room, and the sitting area turns its back on it with a taupe sofa in warm leather. We like the choice of cushions and materials that bring a real cocooning note to the atmosphere.

A bathroom full of pep

Before : With its mini size, this bathroom has the bare minimum: a shower and a sink, all framed by a pink tile stamped 70s. It deserves a good makeover! After : Enlarged by a few centimeters, the bathroom can now accommodate a much more functional bathtub for a family. The pink tiles have given way to a pretty turquoise mosaic that energizes a white tile. The plus: a beautiful wooden vanity unit completes the decor. Laurence Garrisson, designer decorator //