Before / After: renovation of a Parisian apartment of 80m2

Before / After: renovation of a Parisian apartment of 80m2

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It is by drawing on the large workshop-style window in the living room that Laurence Garrisson renovated this apartment in a loft and industrial spirit. For this 80m2 located in the heart of Paris, the decorator of the agency La Décorruptible, had to rethink the volumes to create two independent spaces: a three-room in which we had to imagine a kitchen and a studio in which we had to create a bathroom in a closet. The result is on trend! Area : 80m2 divided into a 15m2 studio and a 3-room apartment of around 65m2 Budget : 40,000 euros of work and 20,000 euros of supplies

An industrial fair

Before : This living room devoid of decoration has the advantage of having a beautiful light thanks to a large window. It lacks only a little accessorization to be on top! After : After renovation, the kitchen is invited in the living room with a nice wooden bar very practical. As for the decor, it plays with the industrial style 'thanks to a beautiful coffee table in the recycled way' and a sofa in a sober color. The most that appeals to us: the window sill which has been repainted in black to accentuate the artist's studio effect.

A graphic room

Before : White from floor to ceiling, this room requires only one thing: a little color and warmth! After : Thanks to bayadère wallpaper in shades of red and gray, this room takes on a whole new look. We also like the very contemporary hanging bedside tables which give it a hotel room look.

A vegetable bathroom

Before : With its decrepit vanity unit, this bathroom dreams of a touch of novelty. As for its tiny mirror, it does not make preparation in the morning very practical! After : The small green tiles have been kept to keep this vegetal atmosphere. A shower screen has replaced the impractical curtain and a more modern blond wooden vanity unit has taken place next to the bathtub. Finally, a large mirror makes everything much more functional!

A natural room

Before : With its wardrobe, its wall of shelves and its sofa bed, this room seems overloaded! A little organization and less heavy furniture will purify the atmosphere. After : Once uncluttered with all its furniture, this room breathes! A curtain hides the dressing area while a large bed has taken place on the back wall. Finally, a pretty louvered headboard and a wicker armchair add the desired natural ambiance.

A functional studio

Before : This 15m2 studio seems to be in dire need of storage. As for the large blue veil, it clearly prevents light from doing its job! After : Once the window is cleared and framed with warm purple curtains, the atmosphere is much lighter. A very functional kitchen area has taken place on the right side of the apartment, while the living area where a large corner sofa sits has been arranged on the left. Laurence Garrisson, designer decorator //