Meeting with Liliane Broussaudier, creator of the Jardin de Liliane in Haute-Vienne

Meeting with Liliane Broussaudier, creator of the Jardin de Liliane in Haute-Vienne

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In a valley, typical of Limousin, in Saint-Laurent-sur-Gorre, at the foot of the 16th century castle, hides a garden. A landscaped and botanical park, classified remarkable, extending over 8000 m2 in which a magnificent collection of trees, shrubs, grasses with shimmering colors is revealed. And, for more than 30 years, Liliane Broussaudier has lived it with passion and dedication. A flowery adventure that she shares with us today ...

Tell us about your background…

When I acquired this large house in the early 1970s, I did not imagine the full potential of the large park that bordered the premises. But when I had a little more time for myself, I wanted to plant a few trees. I did not intend to create a garden and even less organize visits to it. When I started, I knew nothing about it. One day, I came back with shrubs and plants that were completely unknown to me, unearthed from another gardener in the area. I started, at first, a bit at random! It has been going on for over 30 years now.

But how did the garden as we know it today really come about?

Thanks to the meetings! And in particular to the La Salicaire botanical association, which allowed me to meet professionals and gardeners in the region. Because my village is not the end of the world, but almost! And I was the only one to open a garden in Haute-Vienne. I was able to familiarize myself in depth with the world of plants, visit other green spaces, get advice from specialized works, very difficult to find in French at the time. Ten years later, I officially opened the Jardin de Liliane with a real idea of ​​sharing and transmission.

And what can we find there?

It is a wild garden where I try to intervene as little as possible like the famous landscaper Gilles Clément. I maintain everything with my means. I mow, I prune and I try to use few electric tools, I am satisfied with the spade, my fork spade and my pickaxe! No aggressive products, no watering, only during planting. The space is therefore a bit like an English garden and where I let nature take its course, but always in a certain harmony. I am very sensitive to the location of plants, to their color. For example, I only go for shades of purple, purple, white and yellow. Beyond that, it is nature that commands. And I advocate this freedom of composition and arrangement that flowers have. Because they often do things well.

Has your garden changed over the years?

Verry much ! It is a decor that is always in motion. Already, because I leave a large part to the natural evolution of my park but also because of its geographical location. My garden is at the foot of the Gorre, a rather capricious river, which often holds surprises for me - not always pleasant I must say. Subject to flooding, my land is reinventing itself according to the variations of its soil. But it's not always easy. To overcome these inconveniences, sometimes financial, I set up my guest room and I try to organize events. In February, I give pruning lessons. In May, I launch a basketry course and participate in the flower festival twice a year. I expect you there !
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