Tips and tricks of yesteryear still on the page

Tips and tricks of yesteryear still on the page

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Faced with the overflow of chemicals and pollution of all kinds within the house, the recipes of grandmothers are more than ever on the rise. More than a trend, tradition, simplicity, a return to basics and the desire to do it yourself are part of our daily life today. After natural treatments and beauty, it is now the house that is going into the green era! The brands are in tune and offer a multitude of natural and easy-to-use household products in the catalog. How about green hour?

My green house

For a perfectly clean and healthy house, there is no need for chemical cleaning products, often harmful to health or the environment. Grandmother's recipes based on natural ingredients have proven themselves, so just take inspiration from them! Several basic products, such as vinegar, lemon or black soap are essential to maintain your home naturally: each of them has multiple uses alone, with water or mixed with other ingredients. Many brands also offer 100% natural cleaning products: Biovie presents a new range including baking soda, clay stone and liquid black soap, perfect for scrubbing the kitchen from top to bottom; Starwax, for its part, drew on its history to launch in 2011 its range of eco-friendly products - with pretty retro packaging - called Starwax the Fabulous. Building on its success, the French brand has assembled 50 recipes of yesteryear to make yourself in a book * entitled "The Fabulous: tips and tricks of yesteryear".

The 3 essential products to clean your sweet home from top to bottom

Baking soda is the ultimate multi-use product: it acts as a cleaner, scouring powder, deodorant and stain remover. It is therefore used as a priority to scour the hobs, the oven, the refrigerator or the sink, detach the laundry before washing, replace part of the detergent or boost the effectiveness of its "house" detergent, deodorize the refrigerator, trash can, dog kennel, car, and even sports shoes. Black soap when it does wonders for cleaning parquet, tiles, linoleum or silverware. Diluted or pure, it is also very effective for removing stains before washing but also for leather care. It is found in different forms in the trade: liquid in bottle or can and creamer in pot. White vinegar is another miracle ecological product, which effectively replaces the disinfectant (household appliances, toilets, kitchen and bathroom surfaces, etc.), the deodorant (to be sprayed in the toilets or the trash can), the anti-lime scale (join , tap, sinks, kettles, decanters, coffee makers, pots, toilets, washing machine, dishwasher). It is also used as fabric softener, stain remover and anti-mold, glass cleaner, mirrors, copper, tiles, silverware and ... baby toys! It is in fact harmless because it is suitable for food use. (*) Starwax the fabulous book: € 3.99, on sale in all DIY stores and traditional drugstores