Decorative gifts around 50 euros

Decorative gifts around 50 euros

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As the holiday season approaches, finding the perfect gift can sometimes be an obstacle course. Go shopping while knowing in advance what you want to buy is a good solution to save time. To avoid rushing and making the wrong choice, get inspired with this special Christmas shopping. An ultra trendy broom, a soliflore that throws, an ultra design tray, these are ideas for decorative gifts that may have their little effect the day of the unwrapping of gifts! We have selected 10 of them, around 50 euros so as not to ruin you! Nice discovery…
1. The Bright Sprout pendant lamp, € 54.90 at Fleux / 2. The triple PIK soliflore, € 59.90 at Deco-Smart / 3. The Koziol plastic magazine rack, € 48.90 at Delamaison / 4. The cushion Half Moon Ferm Living, € 54 at Uaredesign / 5. The pastel green corridor carpet Bloomingville, € 55 at Decoclico / 6. The flower pots and enamel support Orla Kiely, € 52.90 at Decoclico / 7. The rotary tray soft pink, € 46 at Arteum / 8. The white silk broom, € 48 at Andrée Jardin / 9. The copper duo chandelier, € 55 at comingB / 10. The duvet cover in washed linen, € 59 at Hema


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