The same for less: a cast iron teapot

The same for less: a cast iron teapot

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With temperatures approaching zero, hot tea is welcome any time of the day to warm up. You still need to be equipped to prepare it! This week, the editor cracked on a pretty plum-colored cast iron teapot on the e-shop of the Fleux concept store. Our mission: to find one that looks like it at a low price. If we tell you that we found a perfectly identical model but at 15 euros cheaper, you believe us? Emblematic of tea and Japan, cast iron teapots are reference objects for all tea lovers. Coming from ancestral Japanese art, they have seen their uses evolve over the centuries, passing from simple kettles to conserve heat in full-fledged teapots once fitted with a stainless steel filter. Each season, new colors come to embellish their sculpted patterns, and this winter, it is the plum which wins the palm hands down. As practical as it is elegant, this small teapot will also have the advantage of transforming into a beautiful decorative object on the kitchen worktop. We let you warm up with our two cast iron models in soft purple colors.

The plum enameled cast iron teapot at Fleux at 39.90 € / The Umbrella plum cast iron teapot at Delamaison at 23 €