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We all know that it is difficult to admit that we are disorderly or even very disorderly ... But thanks to Hortense and Bérengère, the creators of the site, subscribers of the bazaar will take pleasure in tidying up, it's certified! Since its creation in 2012, is the site where we find everything you need to drag small and large things lying around. Presentation !

The consulting blog

Thanks to the very well organized site, there are a multitude of tips and storage ideas for each room in the house. Everything fits in the various storage accessories: boxes, baskets, crates, hangers, coat hooks, covers and other tricks. Thanks to its blog section, the site really helps us not to throw in the towel when the bazaar is installed with us. Because we are not against the fact that children confuse dog croquettes and cereals to taste it, the blog offers us lots of small storage boxes provided for various functions. On the beauty side, so that you no longer have to look for your favorite blush or lipstick, the blog recommends sorting them according to the expiration dates. Finally, the blog also explains the interest of sorting your papers before putting them away for an organization at the top!

Our storage favorites

Each room in our interior finds what it needs to be organized. We found for the kitchen small conservation boxes for lemons or onions, perfect for longevity and to avoid odors. For the bathroom, we fell in love with the colored resin coat hooks to display our rings like trophies. We loved in the child universe the scoubidou baskets of colors and different sizes, in which they can pile up their toys once their game is over. Finally for the big room, we will soon take over closet and drawer dividers, and nice hanging baskets.
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