Before / After: Restoring style and light to a U-shaped kitchen

Before / After: Restoring style and light to a U-shaped kitchen

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Welcome to Denver, USA, at Anna and Austin Smith's. The young couple had the chance to realize their dream by acquiring a large, typically American-style house. Only problem, the kitchen was not at all up to date! Between the plywood furniture and the improperly laid floor covering, it was necessary to review the layout of the room and its decoration in their entirety. After numerous modifications, the bet is amply successful: the kitchen now sports a sober and elegant style, entirely orchestrated by the new owners.

Start from nothing

Before : the kitchen and the bathroom are the two most delicate rooms to renovate in a house. Constantly subject to ambient humidity, they tend to deteriorate much faster than bedrooms or living rooms. As for style, fashions are constantly changing and force individuals to renew themselves so as not to live in an obsolete space. When Anna and Austin discover this large house in the suburbs of Denver for the first time, they immediately guess the decorative potential behind the furniture and coatings of the past. It must be said that Anna is an interior decorator, and this acquisition represents for her the opportunity to create a real space in her image. The couple want to get their hands dirty, so they are the only ones working on renovating their kitchen. Apart from plumbing and electricity, entrusted to professionals, the design and layout are entirely their responsibility.
After : After works, the open kitchen adopts a sober and bright look. The furniture above the bar has disappeared to open up the space and let the light circulate between the kitchen and the living room. Anna and Austin opted for an elegant mixture of colors and materials, on a green, white, metal and wood background. On the ground, the old carpet has given way to a pretty solid oak parquet floor. As for the walls, they are now white, echoing the immaculate furniture, worktop and credenza.

A clever mix of materials

Before : the old kitchen, designed in the 70s, is dark and ill-proportioned. A feeling accentuated by the dark plywood covering fixed on the furniture and the bar. The owners want to rethink the entire layout, as well as the color palette, which is too dark for their taste. The shades of dark chestnut shrink the space, which is already very small, all the more: Anna and Austin want above all a spacious and airy kitchen, in which they can prepare and take their meals with the family.
After : The dark wooden furniture has given way to pretty white storage cupboards with brass handles. Covered with a marble worktop, they illuminate the new kitchen with generous proportions. A pretty splashback in small octagonal tiles replaces the old grayish paint. The only colorful touch in this white space, the bar is dressed in an elegant shade of pine green. Placed just above, three glass and brass pendant lights illuminate the dining area. For the rest of the decoration, Anna chooses a set of stainless steel and wooden accessories that simplify the style of her new kitchen as much as possible. We love this new design and minimalist atmosphere!


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