How I saved my wallet: the decorative letters

How I saved my wallet: the decorative letters

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A, B, C… our interiors have the floor and the decorative letters are installed here and there in the house. Made of metal, wood, glass, they are our new decorative allies to bring a touch of originality to the rooms. Gourmet idea in the kitchen, first name in the child's room or bright inscription in the living room, give free rein to your ideas! Wake up your decor and give it a little facelift by adopting pretty letters. To create the New York spirit he loves so much in your teen's bedroom, we advise you to go to Maisons du Monde to get the initials of the Big Apple in an ultra-punchy yellow metal. In the little ones' room, we play on the contrary with the curves by selecting letters with softer lines. Léa, Jules… all you have to do is attach all the letters of her first name to the wall. In the kitchen too, you can let yourself go by entering little gourmet words or indications of spaces like with the word "Bar". Finally, to create a truly original decor, dare the mirror letter in blond wood from AM.PM or the luminous letters in glass that bring an industrial side to the whole. We let you discover all our ideas at low prices!
1. Skywalk yellow metal decorative letters, € 29.99 at Maisons du Monde / 2. Sidonie decorative letter, € 10.99 at Delamaison / 3. Granta mirror letter, € 30 at AM.PM / 4. Letters metal decoration, € 39.99 at Maisons du Monde / 5. The luminous neon glass wall letter, € 30.49 at Decoclico / 6. The wooden letter, € 2.55 at Creavea


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