The same for less: a giant pepper mill

The same for less: a giant pepper mill

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To season your good little dishes with chic, what could be more ideal than a beautiful and large pepper mill? This week, the editorial team has set its sights on very pretty giant wooden models (they are all the same 40 cm!). Peugeot VS Trudeau, all you have to do is decide! If the electric pepper mill with a contemporary design has established itself in our kitchens for several years, the more traditional wooden mill has not yet said its last word! In particular the Peugeot model which has also become over time the little darling of chefs and enthusiasts of the culinary art. With its steel mechanism with double row of helical teeth, it allows the grains to be guided optimally during grinding. Another major advantage: thanks to the U'Select grinding setting, you get more or less fine pepper according to your desires! Only problem concerning it, its price around 50 euros. So we went in search of a model that looks like it but at a more affordable price. This is how we found his twin at Trudeau at low prices! So, conquered?

The Peugeot pepper mill at Rue du Commerce at € 51.39 / The Trudeau pepper mill at Amazon at € 33.34