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No need to go far to bring back souvenirs and authentic decorative items. A little shopping and there you are with an interior that reflects your travel desires. Follow our advice to find the pieces of the moment.

Immediate boarding !

Asia, Africa or why not the Nordic countries? With the development of low cost airlines, traveling has never been easier. A revolution that allows you to leave more often, but also for shorter durations like the time of a weekend. A real miracle cure for winter gloom which is also found in decoration. Moving gives ideas and desires. Oriental decor, African decor, Sunrise decoration, going around the world is now possible while staying at home! The big names in decoration have understood this and suggest that we revamp our living spaces with colors and objects straight from more or less distant journeys. Ideal for breaking the routine and getting out of your everyday life, this trend allows you to bring life to an interior that is a little too classic. Here is a choice of three trendy destinations.

The Zen of Asia

Supported by trendy disciplines such as yoga, meditation and even feng-shui, Asian decor is gaining ground in Western countries. Here, the idea is to favor soft and restful shades (ecru, beige, taupe, pale gray, water green). Make way for carpets for relaxation and floor cushions. Bamboo is one of the flagship materials for furniture and can be found as a green plant or as a motif on dishes (BAMBOO plates)! It is precisely in cooking that Asia is very fashionable. Small bowls, cups and chopsticks welcome small steamers and sautéed noodles. Even the bamboo place mats complete the look. While the suspensions and light paper lamps from Japan (SUSHI, IZU) bathe us in a soft light. The final touch (in a living room, bedroom and even outdoors)? Buddha, your master of spirituality, must be enthroned and valued. Choose it in bust or in status (like the PIERRE model, designed to take place in the garden). Ideal to bring a touch of calm and serenity and why not encourage meditation!

The heat of Morocco

By the sea or inland, the country attracts millions of tourists every year, attracted by the sun, hospitality and authenticity. Leading destinations, Marrakech and its Medina, the historic district of the city, remain a sure bet. In its interior, we will try to reproduce the magic of a riad, an eternal source of inspiration for the world of decoration. Summer and winter, we love the metal lanterns of different sizes (TIA, AÏCHA, MAROCO) that light up indoors and outdoors. Wrought iron furniture, hammered metal accessories or graphic rugs and embroidered cushions are part of the Maghreb's know-how. Married to our interiors, they give it an authentic side. In terms of colors, reds and oranges will spice it up. On the walls, think of details like the small metal shelves.

Scandinavian sweetness

Lovers of long winters and cocooning, this style from northern European countries is for you. Because the winters are long and the days are not very bright, the Scandinavian style gives pride of place to light colors (worked in soft camaieux), blond wood and vintage design inspired by the 70s. Very popular today, it largely dominates the desire for decoration and is available throughout the house, even if the Scandinavian CROSSLINKING R4A7 living room is THE strong piece. There is, of course, a cozy sofa with retro shapes (POPPY FURNITURE), nesting tables to put your cup of tea, as well as small colored extra modules that can be moved around (TRAP). To refine this cozy atmosphere, certain elements are essential for a fully successful show. It starts with the essential sheepskin to install on an armchair or on the floor. We also put on a cozy blanket in wool or mohair to spread on the sofa, cushions with graphic patterns and pretty refined boxes in sorbet shades.

The bohemian spirit

Finally, for city dwellers in love with the world and always on the move, another trend is making headlines: bohemian decor. Inspired by the nomadic lifestyle, she mixes bright colors and folk motifs, natural materials and distant memories. Like a caravan that travels the roads to meet cultures, it conveys an atmosphere of happy travel. Here, the style is merry mismatch. Textiles (cushions, throws, curtains and bed linen like BOHEME TEXT) abuse the mix and match and set the tone inside. The furniture adopts a mottled spirit and mixes materials: wood, rattan (BOHEME line), metal ... On the walls, place for postcards, photos of trips and friends. The bohemian spirit is above all an open mind that results in a personal style that focuses on conviviality. Long live the large modular (FLEX SALON) benches and numerous tables! Here, the door is always wide open.

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