Retro decor in music!

Retro decor in music!

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Radios, speakers and turntables have spread the word: this season the trend is retro! We fall for all these musical objects with a 50's look but brought up to date in current colors. Take a leap into the past with our nice selection. The speakers for contemporary Ipod denote in your retro decor? Do not panic, we have found for you a K7 radio style model that will remind you of the 80s! With its bright red color, it will make its small effect at home! In wiser colors, we love the vintage radio from Roberts Revival, including the cloud blue model that fits into any decor. To make a real comeback at home, it is the Crosley turntable and its multiple shades that is likely to make you crack. At the editorial, we have a soft spot for the beige and red model a little past. Finally, to bring a rock'n'roll touch to your living room for example, let yourself be seduced by the Marshall speaker with pretty retro lines. A real favorite !
1. The speaker for Iphone radio K7, € 39.90 from Vintage People / 2. The Acton speaker, € 250 from Urban Outfitters / 3. The retro fifties kitchen radio, € 37.90 from La Fnac / 4. Roberts Revival vintage radio, € 210.23 at Amazon / 5. Crosley red Keepsake portable record player, € 160 at Urban Outfitters / 6. 50's retro radio, € 79 at La Fnac


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