How to mulch the beds?

How to mulch the beds?

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Mulching is a gardening technique particularly appreciated by organic lovers. You should know that there are several types of mulch and that these have various functions. To better understand the interest of mulching its beds, and knowing how to choose its mulch well, we went to Truffaut where Pierre was waiting for us. What are the advantages of mulching? How to achieve it? Here are his answers.

What is mulching?

A mulch is originally a layer of straw that was placed on plants or soil to protect, maintain or nourish them. Mulching doesn't just consist of straw. It can be made from dead leaves, plants or a plastic sheet.

Why mulch its beds?

Mulching is a very simple gardening technique that can make your life easier. Mulching its beds allows you to simply get rid of weeds, protect your plants from the cold or hot weather, regulate soil hydration, protect its beds from gastropods (snails, slugs, etc.) and finally nourish the plants that make up your beds.

How to choose a good mulch?

The mulch is chosen according to the role it will have. It may consist of dead leaves and other green or vegetable waste. It can also consist of minerals such as pebbles, sand and even glass. There are unnatural mulches such as tarpaulins, but they are very efficient and I can only advise them. These are developed according to their function. They are therefore more or less filtering, opaque or thick. Those who are lucky enough to live by the sea can mulch their beds with algae. They are nourishing and protective at the same time.

Can we install mulch at any time of the year?

Yes, but depending on the season you have to adapt the composition of the mulch. In summer, choose straw which, because of its color, will not attract heat. In winter, plan a thick mulch that will protect well from the cold. In spring and fall, be aware of the rainfall and the vagaries of the weather. Above all, do not disturb the life of your plants. If they have been well chosen and can flourish in your area, the mulch should be light. You have to respect the plant cycles!

How to properly install your mulch?

Simply place your mulch at the foot of your beds. Make sure the floors are well covered and that the mulch layer is even.