Sweet egg cups

Sweet egg cups

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An egg cup, a style. For all lovers of boiled eggs, you are surely looking for the ideal egg cup to create a small decorative effect at the table. Retro, playful, Scandinavian, natural, there is something for everyone! Need a little help finding yours? We invite you to discover our favorite selection. Small but decorative, egg cups are not to be overlooked if we like our table to be the most beautiful for any occasion. If finding original models in supermarkets seems to be an impossible mission, the canvas is full of unique models created by small brands from around the world. If we fall for the acacia egg cup imagined by Neest, we also let ourselves be charmed by the kitten model by Donna Wilson which will delight young and old. For a more traditional table, we favor models with a retro look like the Dino blue coffeeino in Alinéa sandstone and the Vichy from Maisons du Monde sui seems straight out of a vintage bistro. To amuse the children at mealtime, take out your "original" card with the egg cup Arthur Eggcup. You now have all the keys in hand to choose the egg cup that suits you!
1. The acacia wood egg cup, € 8.80 at Neest / 2. The Kurjenpolvi Marimekko egg cup, € 23 at Royal Design / 3. The egg cup Arthur Eggcup, € 9.90 at Bird on the Wire / 4. The Coffee blue duck egg cup, € 2.40 at Alinéa / 5. The kitten egg cup Donna Wilson, € 17 at Les Fleurs / 6. The egg cup Vichy, € 2.59 at Maisons du Monde


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