The same for less: an original pendant lamp

The same for less: an original pendant lamp

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You probably remember the famous series from the 60s "Bowler hat and leather boots". And know that the famous headgear worn by Patrick Macnee is back on the scene! It is in our interiors, in original suspension, that it makes a surprising entry. This week, we unearthed two models to dress your living room with chic. If like us, you like original decorative pieces, you have surely succumbed to the charm of the Jeeves black felt pendant lamp signed Innermost. We particularly like its elegant finish and its interior coated with a hyper chic gold lacquered thermoplastic. Its price prevents you from buying, but its quirky and eccentric style, do you really like it? So, you will be happy to learn that La Chaise Longue has released a model that looks like it, in metal this time, but less expensive. All you have to do is find a place for them in your home.
The Jeeves pendant - Innermost bowler hat at Made in design at € 230 / The metal pendant Bowler hat La Chaise Longue at Decoclico at € 75


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