Vegetarian cuisine on social media

Vegetarian cuisine on social media

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Vegetarian cuisine is on the rise, as evidenced by the many sites, Facebook pages and Pinterest or Instagram accounts dedicated to it. To help you sort through all these pages, the editorial staff has put together a short list of favorites. Nice discovery.

Le Gourmet Végétarien on Pinterest

If you don't yet know the blog "Le Gourmet Végétarien", it's time for the little catch-up session. It was as an amateur that Philippe Schell started his site to share with everyone ideas of recipes for a healthy but festive diet. On his Pinterest account, we discover all his creations classified in two tables: Vegetarian Recipes and Vegan Recipes. If a photo makes you want, you just have to click on the link to have the recipe. Yum !

Osheglows on Instagram

If our eye has long stopped on the Instagram account "Osheglows", it is surely that its creator is none other than Angela Liddon, writer, photographer and author of the New York Times bestseller "The Oh She Glows Cookbook ". The latter shares her love for vegetarian cuisine with recipes without meat, but also gluten, soy and processed foods. It makes you want to get started!

Life my vegetarian life on Tumblr

If you are a vegetarian, this tumblr will necessarily put you in front of situations already encountered. Composed of humorous gifs, we love to go there regularly to make us smile and especially to not miss any post! At the editorial office, this is our favorite site!

Finding Vegan on Facebook

Little Sunday cooks as well as the most seasoned will be delighted to find vegetarian recipes on the Finding Vegan site. Soups, smoothies, cakes ... this is THE site to stock up on good ideas. To not miss anything new, we invite you to "like" their Facebook page, full of pretty gourmet photos.

Mmmoky_ on Instagram

Totally a fan of vegetarian cuisine, the young Italian designer from the blog Mmmoky posts on her Instagram account all the recipes she tests every week. We love these beautiful photos that make us want to do everything at home! And with her 26,000 fans, she couldn't convince us! Plus: all the info is in English!