José Lévy in fireworks at Monoprix

José Lévy in fireworks at Monoprix

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When Monoprix invites the Parisian designer José Lévy? We discover a festive collection, full of colors and explosions of joy… José Lévy is a jack of all trades. He designs porcelains for the Manufacture de Sèvre, ceramics for Astier de Vilatte, crystal for Saint-Louis, furniture for Roche Bobois or the Gallery S.Bensimon, candles, bath linen, clothing… José Lévy is looking for the source of his creativity in past techniques and skills, in popular cultures and his memories. So, for the Christmas collection he designed for Monoprix, he went to get inspiration from memories of New Year's fireworks in Reykjavik in Iceland, tending to dreamily recreate a starry sky from the Far North. . The José Lévy collection for Monoprix will be presented from November 13 to 19 at a Pop-up store at the Palais de Tokyo - José Lévy had already had the honors of this high place of contemporary art by proposing a surprising scenography for the Paris / Berlin / Madrid International Meetings.
1. Stoneware dessert plate / 2. metal mirror / 3. Set of 4 mini-trays / 4. Notebook / 5. Centerpiece / 6. Metal vase The José Lévy x Monoprix collection will be available on from November 24 and in Monoprix stores from November 26.


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