Unidentified Decorative Object # 7

Unidentified Decorative Object # 7

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To bring a little fruity note to your interior, why not dare the pineapple in your decor? Wallpapers, cushions, posters, he invites himself in all forms and in all rooms of the house. Our favorite ? A real size pineapple in a flashy color and that you dare in the living room or in the kids' room. But wait, it seems that this decorative object hides a small practical feature. We tell you more… You probably remember the colorful plastic apples from the 70s that served as an ice bucket at aperitif time ... well if you think it's the utility behind this pineapple, think again you. Because this pretty "Pink Pinneapple" is actually ... a night light! Designed by Lorena Canals and Eva Newton, it will be a sensation!
If the pink model is ideal in a little girl's room, the yellow or mint pineapples can have their little effect in the world of little boys.
The Goodnight Light pineapple lamp at Fleux for 79.90 euros


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