What is laminate parquet?

What is laminate parquet?

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Answer: imitation soil easy to live with.

Laminate flooring should not be called "parquet", simply because it is not made of wood. It is a floor imitating wood or tiles, composed of a facing made of paper and resin and a core of wood or fiber particles. So let's talk about laminate flooring… Available in multiple colors, imitating many species and which can be assembled in several ways, laminate flooring has many advantages, starting with its price compared to solid parquet. It is easy to install, with strips that clip together. And just as easy to live with since its protective film allows easy maintenance with a brush and a mop passage. Laminate flooring is not suitable for damp rooms. However, it can be installed with underfloor heating. Some coatings also have an insulation layer, sound or thermal (or both).