7 vases to energize the decor

7 vases to energize the decor

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Exit the traditional glass vase with slightly simplistic shapes and hello to the stylized vase which brings a real plus in decoration. Today, vases are the prey of all fantasies: ceramic, copper, origami or unstructured, and are all more original than each other. So much so, that it's hard to decide when to buy! To give you an idea of ​​the trendy models this season, we have put together a favorite shopping list for you. Available in many shapes, colors and styles, vases are today real assets in our interiors and adapt to all atmospheres. For a slightly retro decor, we favor models that are inspired by old medicine jars. On the contrary, in a hyper contemporary interior, we play on design with a model that is highly original and unstructured. For a living room that wants a few touches of softness here and there, we turn to ceramic vases and charming pastel colors. Finally, in a decor turned to the Nordic style, we prefer white and refined or copper and stylized models. It's up to you to choose!
1. The retro plum vase, € 5.99 at Maisons du Monde / 2. The Origami mint vase, € 20 at Twicy / 3. The Natura vase, 12.40 at ComingB / 4. The ceramic vase, 7.99 € at H&M Home / 5. The glass vase, € 5 at H&M Home / 6. The copper vase by Snug Studio, € 12.90 at The Tops / 7. The Faceture rose vase, € 136 at Capsule Deco


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