The same for less: a designer trash can

The same for less: a designer trash can

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Want to add a designer touch to your kitchen? Why not choose a trash can with clean lines and a futuristic look ... Our mission this week: to find THE ideal model to meet this decorative desire. Ready to discover our two finds? You've probably already seen it somewhere ... the ultra modern trash can from Vipp is a benchmark in design. Invented in 1939 for a hair salon, this Danish pedal bin celebrates its 75th anniversary this year. And we can say, the latter has not aged! Revamped each year by designers, it is sometimes red, sometimes decorated with polka dots. This week, we are particularly interested in the white model with the elegant stainless steel cover. Close to 370 euros, we therefore went in search of a model that resembles it at a more reasonable price. And guess what, we found one on Cdiscount for less than 50 euros!

The Vipp trash can at at 366 € / The Naelia automatic trash can at Cdiscount at 49.99 €