Resource, Routes to the 4 corners of France

Resource, Routes to the 4 corners of France

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For its brand new collection, nicely called Itineraries, the paint manufacturer Ressource calls on 4 designers from 4 cities in France - Nantes, Lyon, Marseille and Nice - for 16 shades and a new matt lacquer finish. Ressource embarked on a chromatic tour of France. For this, the paint manufacturer allowed itself to be guided by four creators, from four French cities, letting them each imagine four shades for its new Itineraries collection. A common thread nonetheless looms in this collection: blue, present in the 4 palettes. Each time different, interpretation of the city of origin of the creators: a bright blue for Stéphanie Marin in Nice, an almost black blue for Mr & Mrs Clynk in Nantes, a blue overseas for Karine Lanny in Marseille, a velvet blue for Nathalie Rives in Lyon.

Stéphanie Marin

Stéphanie Marin created Yellow 2210, Gray 1610, Red 1303 and Blue 1407. Or how to say Nice in color. "As a designer, I like to put myself at the service of resistant production tools, which thus build great adventures," she explains. "It is rare that in my practice I work in this way, by involving my sensitivity, by delivering a personal taste. Resource made this exploration possible."

Mr & mrs clynk

The Nantes duo Mr & Mrs Clynk are at the origin of the colors: Caban, Pelican, Almond milk and Cargo. Marine spirit with this almost black Caban blue, this Pelican yellow, this almond milk white - reminiscent of their ceramic collections - and this zinc gray Cargo.

Karine lanny

Karine Lanny, creator of the Monochromic brand, imagined calanques live: Odyssée, Calanque, Sea urchin coral and Entre deux eaux. Inspired by his Marseille life and his travels in Morocco, these colors are bathed in the light of the Mediterranean.

Nathalie Rives

Installed in Lyon after having lived in Buenos Aires and New York, the interior designer Nathalie Rives thought the colors: Brown whiskey, Red ebony, Blue velvet and Gray incarnate. While with her blue, she tried to find the blue used by Le Corbusier in her paintings, as a tribute to the antique dealers of Lyon, Nathalie Rives created a red that is both glamorous and masculine, an epicurean brown and a gray all in contrasts.