Video tutorial: making a roaring twenties costume

Video tutorial: making a roaring twenties costume

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The Roaring Twenties are in fashion! And for good reason, who would not want to be immersed in an atmosphere of celebration, carefree and artistic emulation? So for an evening, disguise yourself as queen of the night of the 20's thanks to the tutorials of our two professionals, Frédéric Olivier and Sébastien Quinet, costume designer and hairdresser respectively on the Mistinguett show.

Customize a dress in Roaring Twenties with a boa

Material: - a basic dress - a boa - thread - a needle - sticking plaster - a band of press studs - a sewing machine


Customize a dress in twenties outfit with fringes

Material: - a very simple dress (a black dress will be perfect) - a strip of fringes (which can be found in a furniture store) - a strip of sequins - scissors - thread - a needle - a sewing machine


Create a roaring twenties hairstyle with a wig

Material: - a wig - an alligator clip - flat clips - scissors - extra strong styling foam - hair accessories


There you go, you're ready to dance the hi-hat all night! And to perfect your disguise, do not skip the make-up step, essential in the style of the 20's: smoky look, drawn mouth and glitter, nothing is too conspicuous for the time! Thank you to Frédéric Olivier and Sébastien Quinet and to the team of the Mistinguett show for their advice and their ideas.


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