The same for less: a retro bench

The same for less: a retro bench

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Clean lines, blond wood, sober colors, the Scandinavian style has established itself for several years as a real reference in decoration. In the living room, it is with a pretty fabric bench, a touch of retro, that we offer it a small place. Our challenge of the week: to find one that looks exactly like the Breyton model from Habitat but at a lower price. We let you discover our find? Elegant with its padded back, the Breyton sofa at Habitat is directly inspired by Nordic design. Dressed in linen fabric and erected on natural oak feet, it undoubtedly recalls the Swedish style of the 50s. If it is ideal to bring a touch of softness and nostalgia in the living room, its price can however curb your desire Deco. Fortunately, the editor's discovered this week a model imagined by Maisons du Monde which recalls in many points the one offered at Habitat, but at a more affordable price. So, conquered?

The Breyton sofa at Habitat at € 990 / The Iceberg sofa at Maisons du Monde at € 369.90


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