How to clean slate tiles?

How to clean slate tiles?

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Work plan in a kitchen, wall tiles in a bathroom or terrace floor: slate is no longer limited to the roof of a house. But this natural stone, resistant, undeformable and ecological, requires special maintenance, in particular because of its laminated, porous structure, which tends to absorb stains. Knowing how to clean it is therefore essential to keep an exterior or interior slate tile in perfect condition, beautiful as on the first day. Find more articles on the theme: Quote work for a tiling installation

Regular maintenance of the slate

Maintaining your slate tiles regularly is a necessity, but it is essential to respect the characteristics of this natural material. You should therefore use mild (non-abrasive) products free of any detergent. The cleaning will be done with a microfiber cloth or broom, soaked in warm water with mild soap, which you will gently rub on the surface to be cleaned. In the case of an oily stain, immediately scrub the deposit with a toothbrush coated with liquid black soap sprinkled with baking soda, then rinse and dry immediately.

Deep clean

It is essential to carry out a thorough cleaning from time to time, in order to dislodge encrusted stains. For this, water added with baking soda (1 glass of bicarbonate for 1 liter of warm water) and a broom (or a toothbrush) are enough. After rubbing the slate tile with this solution, it is imperative to rinse well and then dry it with a clean cloth or mop. For white stains due to lime or mineral salts, black soap (1 glass for 5 liters of water) or linseed oil soap diluted in lukewarm water is an effective solution. Otherwise, you can use a few drops of dishwashing liquid, white vinegar and vegetable oil diluted in water.

Take care of the slate

To add shine to a slate tile, it is possible to rinse with vinegar water (1 glass of white vinegar for 1 liter of water), provided that you then perform a final rinse with water. 'clear water. You can also pass a surface cloth lightly impregnated with milk over the surface. To make the slate shine more, you can also pass two coats of colorless wax (imperatively to choose without silicone because this one fouls the porous texture). If you just want to accentuate the color, use turpentine wax. Once dry, the slate surface should be buffed with a soft, non-abrasive cloth. There are several brands on the market offering specific maintenance but also treatment products, which make it possible to preserve the appearance and resistance of the slate for a long time.